johnson 225 OB will not start

by Albert Hudson
(Amelia Island, Florida)

I have an an early 90's Johnson 225 Outboard motor on a Proline 23 fishing boat. We are currently restoring the boat and working on the wiring as well as just about everything else. The boat always ran very well. In the late fall our business picked up and the boat sat up for about 2 months. I brought the boat back out to do some work on it and prep it for painting and tried cranking it and to run it a little. Well it wont start. I always use Stabil so i didnt think that such a short period of time woul gum up the carbs. When I try to start it, it really sounds like its not getting fire. However If I spray some carb cleaner and some ether in the carbs and let it sit for a while I can come back and it will start after arguing with it for a while. What do you think? do I just need to break it down and clean all of the carbs and injectors, replace spark plugs? could it be power packs?

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