J115GLECM johnson 1998

by Bernie
(S.W. Pennsylvania)

My oldest son and I were fishing, took a trip 5 miles up river. Leaving to go back motor wouldn't throttle up. Played with primer bulb. No help. Idled for about 1/2 mile. Hit throttle, gone. 47 mph. No trouble. Next day went out alone. Short run. Fished, ready to go home. Same problem, won't accel. Idled back to dock, motor stalled, won't start. Assumed fuel problem. Replaced fuel line, anti siphon valve, primer bulb, rebuilt carbs, rebuilt vro., and the problem is still there. Starts most of the time. Idles rough. Stalls. Compression good. Ignition fine. Timing fine. Ran on separate tank. No difference. It won't pick up and hold the fuel. I tried different fuel (ethanol free) 90 octane. I'm running out of ideas. Its driving me nuts, I've been dealing with this for 2 months. I'm about ready to split the case and reseal it thinking I have a leak. Help me. Serious help.
thefast162@gmail.com send to Bernie

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