by Justin
(Scottsboro al United States )

I have a 2005 9.9 Johnson that set for roughly 6 months, motor ran fine before I put it up for the winter, I did everything to winterize it, after pulling it out roughly a month ago, it wouldn’t start, so took the carb off cleaned it, had a little trash but not a lot, needles was fine, main jets was fine, and floats not sticking! So I got it to crank and it Idels like a brand new one, now here is where my problems start, after putting it in gear, it takes about 1/4 throttle, then after that it starts spitting and sputtering and goes dead, I can not give it full throttle at all, it ran like a champ before putting it up for winter, I’ve checked the carb, I’ve checked the fuel pump, I’ve changed the fuel filter! Please please someone tell me what else it could be?

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