is it a 77 or 78 merc700 or just the 70hp?....2-stroke 3-cyl....Serial 4977323

by Randall Parker

What got me started in this was buying a boat that "ran good". Took it out a few times then it started dying on me and wouldnt start back up. Now if i get it out in the water it wont respond to throttle acceleration. If it dies it wont start back up and if i do get it to start back up i can only do it in the sweet spot which is seemingly 2/3 full accel but only moving about as fast as i can walk..And i cant get it to idle for testing i have to constantly man the warmup control.

Im trying to get my motor running properly but there are so many things that i cant find in the "non specific manuals".. I do know it is a 2 stroke and it has 3 cylinders, coil per finding a lot of different conflicting manuals and diagrams. Is there a manual specific to #4977323? My battle right now among many is the crankcase bleeder? which way is the flow going and which fitting (i cant find anywhere!) has the check valves? Heeeeelllllp me! any and all info welcomed and appreciated.

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