Inverter and reverse polarity

I'm trying to get my inverter to power up my shore power system. (just temporary). I'm using a short cord from inverter to shore power receptacle and the reverse polarity lights up on the panel. I have reversed the wires on the extension cord but it makes no difference. I then tried running a ground wire from the inverter chassis to the ground wire on the shore power receptacle and then I tried it on the common still the light comes on. I'm sure its something very simple but I can't figure it out.

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Sep 08, 2007
Reverse Polarity
by: Frank

The reverse polarity light checks for a difference in potential between what should be the neutral and ground. The neutral and ground from the shorepower are not connected on the boat but are back at the pedestal on the dock. If the connections between the hot and the neutral were reversed, the light would see the difference between the hot and the ground and be illuminated. When you have another source for AC power right on the boat, such as an inverter or charger, the neutral and the safety ground at the output of the device should be connected. I don't know what kind of inverter you have, some take care of this connection with their auto transfer switching. If you don't have the neutral and ground connected you probably have a potential large enough to illuminate the reverse polarity indicator lamp

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