Intermittant Electrical Problem

by Danny
(Panama City, FL)

2001 Searay deck boat with Mercruiser. Boat is in boat lift out of water. I can lower boat into water hit ignition and boat will start immediately. Turn off ignition. If I go to accessories position I have instrument power for about 10 min. Then no electrical power. (motor tilt still works fine). Just no power to helm. Raise boat out of water for a day or so. Lower into water starts fine, but after about 10 min no electrical power to helm. Voltage at ignition switch measures 1.4 v. Checked ground-OK. This one is a head scratcher for me. Is not a heat related problem. Seems to be a short just by virtue of boat being in water and then after boat drys out of water problem goes away until put back in water again. Sure would like some help.

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