hydrolock starboard engine

by john

my 2005 formula 330 ss with twin 496 engines . first i am car technician own my own repair shop for 30 years.my good friend owns a marine repair business.at first we replaced exhaust manifolds and tested stainless risers.we replaced exhaust flappers which by the way were gone.what we figured out after replaceing the starter 4 times that this only happens if engine is started at the dock run for a couple of minutes then shut off when you go and start it again it pulls in water and locks up blowing the starter.we have called formula and they say the extended swim platform is causing this and corsa makes a custom set of elbows which are an inch taller @ 2300 my question is why is it only happening to starboard side.if boat starts you can drive all day long no problem but if it is turned off cold it locks . please help any ideas john

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