hydraulic motor working only sometimes.

I have a 50hp Yamaha outboard (1998) on a 26ft motor sailer. The hydraulic moter that raises and lowers the engine works only most of the time. Nearly always goes up. Sometimes does not go down even after trying many times. Usually it will go down the next day or so. I had it out of the water and a mechanic looked at it and found a little water inside. He concluded that was the problem and recomended not to buy a new one. He did his revision of the unit and re installed it. To protect it from water I put 3 coats of hull paint on the unit and then covered it with silicon and a neoprene cover that fitted snuggly over it.

Before I had a chance to take it out to sea the same problem returned. It raises most of the time and occasionally does not lower. It really did not get the opportunity to fill with water again so I suspect there is another cause.
Any chance its as electrical fault in the switch above near the steering, or something simple like that?

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