Honda BF90A 2006

by Paul Hruza
(Panama City, FL USA)

This one should be real simple but it is baffling me at the moment... This is about the speedometer function. I know it is not really important since I have a Garmin GPS/Fishfinder which is obviously much more accurate and dependable. Please let me give you some background info that leads to my question....

I recently purchased a 1999 Cape Horn 17 with a Honda BF90A outboard engine. The boat is in great condition considering the age and I am doing my best to restore back to its formal glory. Everything has been cleaned, painted, polished, spit-shined, replaced, etc.,etc. The boat looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. The gauges are the original Faria installed when it was built. The RPM gauge shit the bed so I found a complete Faria four-gauge replacement set for $165. Well worth the money in my opinion. I was told by the former owner that the speedo never worked. He only had the boat a few months. I have removed the speedo from the boat and used compressed air to check function. Works like a dream. This then would lead one to believe the water intake port on the engine foot must be plugged. I blew air back through the tube in the opposite direction but never did see or hear any exiting the engine...

Can someone just tell me where this port is located? A local Honda mechanic told me there was a very small hole on the front of the foot near where the red tube attaches to it but for the life of me I cannot find anything! Even using a magnifying glass... :(

Feel free to email a picture if you can. Pictures are always the best!

Thank you VERY much!


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