Honda 225 2019

by Bruce Watson
(New Jersey)

Repowered a 2006 Worldcat 270TE with new 225 Honda motors
The old engines were Honda 225 with a 1.86 gear ratio.
The new engines have a 2.1 gear ratio.

With the old engines I would trim the motors out to bring the bow down. This is as recommended on the Worlcat forums.

The problem I am having is with the new engines is that I have to
trim the motors in to bring the bow down. I am not talking about a little difference but trim it in as far as it will go.

Props are the ones off the old motors.
Mounting height is also the same (3rd hole).

If anyone has repowered with the newer Hondas (2018 or newer)
can you tell me if what prop and mounting height you are useing.


Bruce Watson

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