Honda 115 hp 4 stroke 2005

by Rich Overholt
(Conway SC)

My son ran our pontoon boat all weekend without any problems at all. On Sunday evening he went to a marina and put in fuel. About 20 minutes later he encountered a severe thunder storm. When he throttled back the engine, he said he heard a short beep, and the engine shut off. He tried for several minutes to get the engine restarted, but it would not start. The engine turns very slow, as if the battery is low, but even with a new a battery it does the same. It does the same when the kill switch is disconnected. I don't have a manual, and the boat is on a lake in South Carolina that is not close to any repair facilities. Is there some kind of sensor, or switch I am not aware of? This is our first 4 stroke, and were not to familiar with it. It ran flawlessly up to this point. Thank you for any advise you can give.

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