High battery voltage

by John Densler
(North Falmouth, MA)

I have two new Suzuki 140 outboards on my GB Cat. They replaced 130 Hondas. The new outboard regulayors produce a battery voltage of nearly 14.9 volts. The Hiondas did not produce a battery voltage nearly as high as this. All my battery references indicate that is excessive DC charging output voltage when the battery is charged. The grounds and wiring check out. I am an electrical engineer and have measured the voltage produced ny both engines with both a good analog (1%)and several digital voltmeters and it is virtualy the same. Battery manufacturers indicate the bus voltage should not exceed 14.4 volts.

Suzuki rep was shown the problem measuring 14.87 volts. Suzuki customer service told me this is normal and will not be corrected under their warranty. Do other Suzuki owners have the same problem?

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