Help with tilt and trim switch wiring

by Mac McQueen
(Broken Arrow Oklohoma)

I have a 1995 40hp force engine. The tilt and trim is mounted on the center console and it works great. But due to traveling alot and after paying a couple of time have the struts re welded I decided to start using a transom save to take some of the stress off the rear of the pontoon and that seem to work. The main problem is not having a trim adjustment on the motor. So i decided it would not be that hard so I bought a switch at academy. It is a momentary switch with three prongs. One for up one for down and the other is power I assumed. Here is what I did.

1: after mounting the switch I used a quick connect on the Green wire coming out of the relay switch and attached it to the down side.
2. I used another quick connect on the blue wire coming out of the other relay and attached it to the up side prong.
3. I used a quick connect and tapped into the red wire coming out of the relay and attached it to the center prong. It blew a 30amp fuse.
4. After that I decided to go straight to the battery and I didn't use a fuse. Nothing happened the wire got hot and i took it off.

You can see in the picture the switch and the wires I attached to. There has to be something I ant getting. An electrician I am not.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance
(Ret) MSgt Mac McQueen

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