Hella releases Sea Hawk XL

by John C Payne

Hella Sea Hawk LED spotlights

Hella Sea Hawk LED spotlights

Fully sealed and saltwater durable, the Sea Hawk XL lamp offers powerful illumination, energy savings, and “class-leading aesthetics, function and durability to eclipse many halogen floodlights”. According to Hella, each lamp is a completely sealed IP 67 design manufactured from advanced polymers that are highly resistant to degradation, even under harsh UV.
“Every aspect, material and component is carefully chosen to ensure longevity in the most demanding offshore conditions without compromise,” said Hella Marine.

“The lens is precision moulded from high performance Grilamid® for strength and durability and the housing utilises a revolutionary high tech thermally conductive polymer. This advanced material draws heat away from internal LED electronics without the need for an external aluminium heat sink often found in this class of floodlighting. The polished bracket is made from 316 stainless steel and offers vertical adjustment without tools.”

The lamp also features a unique high/low dual intensity function with ‘off the shelf’ switches, and sophisticated optics deliver a broad and even illumination without glare or harsh point sources.
Spread lamps illuminate a wide, close-range spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area, while spot lamps provide a narrower, more concentrated illumination suitable for yacht masts or to determine objects in the water during low speed docking.

Within each Sea Hawk XL, advanced electronics ensure reliable illumination and lamp protection “even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages”. Pre-wired with three-core marine cable, the lamp features high quality sealed cable assemblies for quick and completely sealed installations.

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