Hella marine launches ‘fit and forget’ LED navigation lamps

by John C Payne

Hella marine has introduced the “5 Nautical Mile Masthead” model for commercial and recreational vessels up to 50 metres in length. The new addition complements existing lamps to provide a complete package of LED navigation lamps for large craft. The company’s product range boasts proven ‘fit and forget’ durability, significant efficiency and a five-year warranty. The state-of-the-art high efficacy LED technology, combined with exact optical engineering, achieves the five nautical mile visibility requirements with a low power consumption of less than four watts. NaviLED PROs are completely sealed for reliable performance in the harshest conditions. 2.5 metres of twin core marine cable are pre-wired into each lamp for waterproof electrical connections.

Advanced Hella Multivolt electronics ensure reliability and consistent illumination across a range of inputs from 9-33V DC. Spike protected to +500 volts and reverse polarity protected to -700 volts, the lamps are equipped with serious electronic protection.
The lens of the new masthead is precision moulded from Grilamid ‘optical nylon’ for added durability. This ultra-strong, Swiss-made polymer offers superior resistance to impact, chemicals and harsh UV that may yellow inferior materials.

NaviLED PRO lamps carry BSH, Wheelmark, COLREG, USCG, and ABYC approvals. Every lamp is photometrically verified in production for highly accurate horizontal and vertical cut-off angles. Finally, a unique serial number is laser engraved onto each lens referring to a test report that ensures compliance with international standards

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