guage access on 1979 chapperal model 167

by Ray
(Hendersonville Tn)

I have a Chapperal model 167, made in 1979. Im not sure if I have a problem, but recently I had to have a drive shaft installed and during the process the mechanic noticed my impeller was showing some cracks, which was fine, and he replaced it. I hooked the boat up to a hose and was just letting it idle and shifting into gear to make sure everything was working properly. However, while doing this, the hose came disconnected from the outdrive. I guess I ran it for a couple of minutes before noticing andtely cut engine off. The temp guage went about half way on the guage. So, being concerned about any damage, I let the boat cool and restarted with the hose more secure. According to the temp guage, it was running right at 140 degrees and water was coming out of the prop and the other outlets (more so on the right side, facing the rear of the boat). I noticed that on my guages, all of them lit up but the temp guage, so I was wondering if it still works properly. I would change the guage out, but cannot figure out how to gain access to the guages. I cant remove them from the back of the dash because of molded fiberglass. So basically I am trying to determine a way to get to the temp guage to replace, or is there a way to remove the dash to get to the guages, or is it working properly even if the light doesnt light up? And, is it likely that the short 2 or 3 minute period did any damage as it still seems to be exhuasting water normally, actually more than before the impeller repair, and the temp guage is showing 140 to 145 degrees (I believe it has a 140 thermostat). Im just not sure I can rely on the temp guage.

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