Glastron Merc 4.3

by Gary roberge
(Minnesota )

When I turn off the boat after the motor is hot, it will not restart. I put in a new starter and a neutral relay that's on top of the motor, but am still having the same problem

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Apr 27, 2016
wont start when hot
by: Ian

I had this problem on my volvo penta 4.3l.
If it was turned off after running it would not restart. After changing most of the ignition system it turned out to be the electric choke that was not opening fully so when engine was hot the engine would not start until it cooled.

Aug 05, 2014
MerCruiser 4.3L - 2 Barrel Carb - Thunderbolt Ign
by: Joshua

I've got an 89 GW Invader Rivera with a Mercruiser 4.3L. It's got the 2 Barrel Carb and the Thunderbolt Ignition.

I'm experience what I interpret as the same problem - starts fine on muffs and runs - restarts. In the water, starts fine at the dock - runs nicely until I shut it down. For instance, bopping across the lake then shut it down to load a skier, tuber, etc. It won't refire. Sometimes it'll crank and crank with nothing, sometimes when trying to crank, I get 1 single click/clunk and then nothing.

Wait 5-10 minutes - hope, pray, spray a little starting fluid - and I can get it fired back up.

Jul 16, 2014
Merk 4.3 running hot
by: Anonymous

You say your motor is hot when you shut it off. That may imply that the motor has overheated. That would be considered a motor running hot.
Now if the motor is up to operating temperature that is a different story. That is normal operating temperature but not to be considered running hot.
Were you running your boat hard for a while and then just decide to shut it down without giving it time to cool off a bit?
Give your motor a chance to cool off some if that indeed is the problem because you may be experiencing vapor lock.
If you are carbureted check the butterfly valve to see if it is all the way open.

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