gas gauge needle moves the wrong direction

by Dave
(Roseville, MN)

I bought a 99 Sylvan F&S with a 99 Evinrude 130 hp OB. It was in pretty rough shape when I bought it, and the previous owner was using an external gas can instead of the built in tank. I removed and cleaned the internal tank, replaced the gas pump, gauge and oil pump. The boat runs great, however when I turn the key to the on position the need on the gas gauge moves to the left instead of towards FULL. I disconnected all the wires from the battery as it is difficult to maneuver the battery while the cables are connected, removed it from the battery area and reconnected it exactly the same. I pulled the dash off and found 1 wire disconnected from the ACC switch but everything else looked good. I reconnected the wire, connected the battery, turned the key and the gauge registered accurately with 3/4 of a tank. I was very happy as I thought it was fixed. I put the dash back in place, disconnected the battery, reinstalled it turned the key again and the gauge again went the wrong direction.

What might the problem be?

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