fuel problem 95 johnson 175hp looper v6

by Ty

Straight to the point, I have an Johnson looper v6 that runs beautifully, but ONLY if you pump the key choke(push to choke key switch) while its running. As soon as you stop pumping the key choke it shuts off after the last bit of fuel is pulled through. I have check fuel pump pressure and it is seating at 20-30psi which is good. But I haven't checked the electrical side of the fuel pump, not quite sure on how to do that. Also I double checked all lines and fittings, no leaks there. If somebody could help me out with this that'll be awesome, been diagnosing this motor for about a month and im still in the dark. Also its not the carbs, all six have been rebuilt and are synced with eachother and spits proper mixture and quantity

If any helpful advice please let me know, tired of the struggle

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