front motor mount on 78 crestliner, 19 ft. with mercurey 165 hp. 6 cly.

by Woody

replaced motor in my boat, took engine out, but got in a hurry didn't keep track of how many washers were on the front motor mount. Tested it out, ran good, slowly went to about three quarter throttle for about two or three minutes then heard a noise that sounded like it was coming from the outdrive, slowed down and heard the noise a couple more times in about 5 minutes, then the engine just died, the starter tried to engage but it was locked up tight, lifted lower unit up and tried to turn the propeller by hand and wouldn't turn, hit the key a couple times and it rolled over and fired up, ran for a minute and did it again, not wanting to damage it anymore haven't tried to start it, so I'm wondering if I put to many spacers "washers" and maybe my engine is at an angle causing the gears to bind up. Thanks for any help you can give me, WOODY

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