Great Fish Recipe Ideas. So many fish, so many fish recipe ideas, everyone has something different. Everyone has a twist on old traditional fish recipes.  Fishing is the greatest way to spend time and even better is cooking and sharing that days catch.  Whether you like traditional fish and chips, fish cakes, fish stew or are searching for a great fish taco recipe then look no further.  I love fish tacos, and in particular I really enjoy Baja fish tacos. So check out these recipes and maybe share some of your own favorite fish recipes.  While I am at this, what about all your best octopus recipes, no to mention so many shrimp, crab and lobster recipes. Then there is squid and calamari recipes, a favorite of mine. 


Smear a coating of margarine or oil over the foil, and if using whole fish, cut the skin two or three times first to allow juices and flavours to penetrate. Place the foil parcels under the grill for around 5 minutes per side for fillets, or around 10 minutes for whole fish. The following variations are delightful, or experiment yourself.

1. Add slices of lemon, black pepper, chopped parsley.

2. Add 1 tbsp sherry or mirin, and toasted sesame seeds.

3. Add slices of tomato, sprinkle of curry powder and sultanas

4. Chopped shallots, soy sauce, minced ginger, minced garlic.

5. Add slices of orange, minced garlic and ginger, a dash of soy, squeeze over juice.

6. Add minced ginger and garlic, a dash of soy and lemon juice and a smear of honey.

Thai Fish Recipe

This is a great fish recipe for Thai Green Chili Sauce that goes well with your favorite fish recipe. It is absolutely delicious with grilled fish and shellfish, just brush it on as you go.


1 - 2 red chilies, finely diced

2 - ¼ cup distilled vinegar

3 - 2 tbsp cilantro (coriander), chopped

4 - 1 tbsp garlic, chopped

5 - Salt


1. Puree all ingredients in blender, chill or serve at room temperature. This sauce does not keep.

Caribbean Cerviche

This fish recipe uses some of that fish you caught off the stern or got from the local market. Ideally use tuna, mackerel, bonito, dorado and yellowfin


1 - Fish fillets

2 - Lime juice

3 - Coconut cream

4 - 1 Onion, chopped

5 - 1 Cucumber, chopped

6 - Salt

7 - 1 tomato, chopped


1 - Cut the fish into small cubes or strips.

2 - Add the lime juice, coconut cream, onion, cucumber, salt and tomato.

3 - Mix together and allow to marinate for about an hour.

4 - Served traditionally in a coconut shell but a bowl will do fine

Pacific Red Snapper

1 - 2lb (1kg) snapper fillets

2 - 1 cup plain flour

4 - Black pepper

5 - ½ tsp mixed herbs

6 - ½ tsp dried ginger

7 - 3 eggs


1 - Cut up ¼ inch steaks angled from fillets

2 - Combine flour, salt, herbs, ginger, pepper in a bowl.

3 - In separate bowl beat the eggs with pinch salt and black pepper

4 - Roll each fillet piece in flour mix, dip it into the egg, and then fry in hot pan for 2 minutes

BBQ Seafood

Obviously seafood is a number one candidate for the BBQ, no complicated fish recipe to follow. As seafood has a variety of cooking times it is important to stagger things a little. The variety for BBQ cooking is everything from mussels, octopus, prawns, crabs (ideally sand crabs as shells are relatively small and flesh is fairly thin), half lobsters, and of course fish.

1 - Oil the shells of crabs and prawns. Start these off first and allow 15 minutes to cook

2 - Slice lobsters, crays etc lengthways in half and oil all over. Start these off next with flesh side down, around 8-10 minutes will cook them.

3 - Place foil wrapped fish fillets on and allow 6-7 minutes.

4 - De-beard and scrub mussels, cook for around 5 minutes until they open.

5 - Put on the boiled prawns and allow thewm to cook for 5 minutes.

Lay small fillets of your chosen fish onto buttered foil sheet. Add salt and pepper, a couple of slices of lime or lemon, and a squeeze of juice, and if available fresh herbs of your own choice. Wrap up the fish and place on the BBQ

Squid (Calamari)

This is not about Squid Games. I have a personal liking for squid, it is absolutely delicious in many fish recipes. Low in fat and about a 100 calories a serve, high in potassium, also high in protein the only negative squid has is the very high cholesterol content, but on an occasional basis it is wonderful. Squid are available worldwide, and there are squid around up to 55 foot long, although that’s more than I can eat. One of my favourites, go for the small or baby squid wherever possible.

Preparation depends on whether you are making rings or using the tube opened up. I generally simple pull the tentacles out, pull out the transparent pen and entrails. Reserve tentacles cut off near the eyes, squeeze out the beak, peel off the purplish skin and clean and rinse

1 - Remove the head and tentacles from the hood.

2 - Slide the clear membrane out from the hood.

3 - Remove the skin from the flaps by pulling firmly. Cut off flaps if required.

4 - Use the various cuts as required. With small tentacles I prefer to leave them as a whole little "floweret" which are delicious in tempura or in stir fries or pasta marinara.

Cooking Hints

2 or 20 minutes rule. Either saute in very hot pan for 2 minutes, after which it toughens up, or continue on low heat for around 20 minutes until goes tender again Squid has a rather delicate flavour and must never be overcooked as it becomes as tough as old boots. Marinate it in milk or lemon juice for an hour or two before cooking.

Squid in Olive Oil


1 - 1¼lbs (750g) baby squid

2 - Olive oil

3 - Salt and black pepper

4 - 1 tbsp Thai sweet chilli sauce

5 - 1 cup cilantro/coriander


1 - Skin the squid, remove head and insides, remove any black lining with salt and rinse.

2 - Slice into several pieces, place in a bowl with oil, salt and pepper and stand for around an hour. Turn occasionally.

3 - Cook in a frying pan in olive oil for 3-4 minutes, do not overcook.

4 - To give it some zip, add in a tablespoon of Thai sweet chilli sauce,

5 - Add a handful of fresh chopped cilantro or coriander and serve on boiled rice

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