Evinrude 115FPSLO 2005

by Keith
(Lexington, KY)

Engine Report

Engine Report

I am new to motor boats. This is a new to me boat and engine. We ran the engine with a water hose during the purchase process. There is a constant "No Oil" light on the dash. The seller insisted it was a false alarm.

I intended to take it to an evinrude service center to solve the problem but the local ones are booked for the next 4-5 weeks and I have to drop the boat to get in line.

I am a fairly fast learner with mechanical devices so I decided to purchase a service manual and diagnostic cable / software. I hooked it up today and there are no active errors and no historical errors related to oil.

The errors are in the attached screenshot from the report.

From the service manual I am thinking it could be air in the oil system. I intend to do the bleed procedure.

Is there anything else I should be looking for?

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