Engine will not start


I have a 1999 5.7 mercruiser with efi and throttle body. Last year the economy unit went up and I replaced it and all seem to be fine. Then towards the end of the season the engine rankings rough at idle and low rpms. I put the boat up for the winter, did the oil and filter change and winterize the motor. This spring I attempted to start the engine and it would not start. I have the port motor to swap ports from a running motor so I swapped the following .distance. cap and rotor, no change. Coil wire , same , coil ,same, relays ,same checked the fuses all good , swapped the complete distributor, same. Removed the gray wire from the tach , no change. Test spark from coil to distrI but or when I held the coil wire 1 inch from the cap the motor started and ran, when I put the coil wire back on it would not start.I had the alternator tested last year and checked out OK but when I reinstalled it the tach gauge would jump up and down constantly. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Bob

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