Engine hard to put into reverse

by Gary
(Alberta, Canada)

I have a 2007 Mercury 90hp 4-stroke EFI. While out fishing, my wife hit a rock with the motor hard enough to jarr the boat just a little. Didn't think much of it as we continued on (just above idle speed to our next fishing spot). When we decided to leave that spot, the motor started right up, put it into forward gear and started along. Seemed to run fine until I gave the motor enough throttle to to get up to a plane and zoom across the lake. What happened then was the back end of the boat went down (as it does when given lots of throttle, but we didn't go anywhere. It just made alot of splashing and seemed to want to suck the back of the boat down. Letting off the throttle to just above idle, the boat went along as it normally does. Got to where I needed to be and then went from forward to neutral which worked fine. I then tried to put it into reverse, but it wouldn't let me. Played with the shifter for 10 minutes and then it went into reverse. From reverse,it went back into neutral without any resistance and vice versa. Going back into forward, there was a little resistance at one part of the forward shift but not enough resistance to stop the shift lever. Once it is put into forward gear, you can't go back into reverse without playing with the shifter for 10 minutes again.

Again,once in reverse there is no problem going back & forth from neutral to reverse but once it is put into forward gear, we have a heck of a time to get it back into reverse. Has anyone experienced a problem similar to this and if so, whats the fix. Any help is appreciated.

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