Engine Bogs on plane

Here is the problem, When the boat is idling its fine and does fine on low speed it even planes out fine when there are only two people in the boat towards the front.
The problem comes in during two different times, 1st When the boat has any weight in the back near the engine like one of the two people moving to the back you, it won't plane and only gets to like 2k rpm. 2nd if you are at the dock and its idiling it'll run great until the boat gets out of level like if those two people go to the back, it will start losing rpm and eventually stall and die. It will do this no matter the rpm.

It has a full tank of good gas, new bulb and hose assembly, plugs and wires. I also pulled the pickup out of the tank and its not cracked and reaches like 1/2" from bottom of tank.

I'm at a loss for what it could be. Any help would be appreciated!

The boat is a 93' Sunbird EuroSport 190 with a 115 OMC QuietRider

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