Electrical problems 1985 Larson Senza V-175

by Jake

Hello, I have a 1985 Larson Senza V-175 with an electrical problem. My nav lights and stereo are both wired hot through the ignition. The last time I brought the boat in off the lake, it was getting dark so I had my nav lights on and I was also listening to the stereo. When I turned the key off as I was approaching the dock, everything died. I have since tried to find and fix the problem but have not been successful. If I run a wire directly from the battery to the ignition, obviously I get my power back to the stereo, and the engine will turn over when I turn the key, but it will not fire. My intuition says I might have blown a fuse, but I don't know where the fuse would be. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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