Donzi w/ 4.3 liter omc idle and shifting issue

by Mike
(SE michigan)

I just recently purchased an 88 donzi ragazza 19'. During the test drive everything ran like a champ. I bought this off the original owner who had it maintained well. After getting it home the day I bought it I took it out on the local lake to show my wife my purchase. After unloading, it took a couple of tries putting it in gear without the motor stalling. Fourth time it ran great. We were on the lake for a half hour or so cruising and dogging through the water. Load it up and it sat for I'd say 5 days. I tried to take it out again and this time it stalls every time I put it into gear. Forward and reverse no difference. Also, when in neutral it will idle fine. When I open it up in neutral it will sound fine. I let off and open it up again and the motor Boggs out. The next time it sounds great. I think it's a fuel problem. The previous owner did not use the boat much and the fuel was from last year. I have purchased plugs and a fuel filter that I will be trying to install tonight. I don't think it is the ESA because it acts up in neutral as well as going into gear. Any help would be appreciated.

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