Dixie Boats 1985, 521 Bluefin Gas Tank Size

by Alan W Bonin
(West Warwick, RI US)

Hi, I have been trying to get specs on my Dixie Boats 1985, 521 Bluefin, fuel tank size. I recently had a new engine put into the boat and there were voltage drops. The mechanic disconnected most of my gauges, which included the fuel. He told me the gas tank was bone dry and all I did was add 8 gallons before putting it into the water. I used 7.5 gallons, the first day in 3 hours, on a bay, but it was only intermittent use because I was drifting while fishing. I have looked all over for information on this boat but have come up short. I am wondering if you might have manuals that could provide that information?

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