Dallas Boat Show

The Dallas Boat Show is now over and next year it will be and better than ever so start planning your trip now. The Dallas Show happens the first weekend of February. Of course this is Covid permitting.

The Dallas Show features an very large display of boats, boating-accessories, personal watercraft and of course fishing tackle, as well as informative seminars for everyone.

The simple fact is you can never acquire enough information and advice about boats and boating. The same applies for information and useful tips about fishing. That is why going to a boat show is so worthwhile. 

I roll up to a boat show, with layout map in hand, and I have already marked up the stands and displays I want to visit. Then I visit each display, with notebook and pen at the ready and a big bag (usually free on many stands), and I collect every freebie and brochure available, and I ask as many questions as I can. The day passes by in a blink and before you know it day is done. Browsing the internet is very useful but nothing beats that face to face interaction and usually you end up picking up valuable gems of information.

Dallas Boat Show

Dates: TBA
Times: noon to 2:00 pm


Dates: TBA (Date subject to change)
Times: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Tournament Location: TBA
Weigh In Location: Dallas Boat Show | Market Hall

Dallas Boat Show information 

The Summer Boat Expo is the ultimate "Party off the Lake" for every boating enthusiast, all classes of boat owners, boat dreamers or those who will soon to be boat owners and those who live the recreational boating lifestyle.

The Summer Show is the most perfect and excellent opportunity to purchase a new boat at the lowest prices of the year. There are always deals to be had and great discounts on boats and boat equipment. Overstocked inventory is a major incentive for dealers to lower the prices and go to the limits to sell you a new boat. So what are you waiting for?


Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

A TWO-DAY INTENSIVE PROGRAM, taught by today’s top pro anglers in an easy-to-learn classroom style environment, kicked off by your hosts, Pete Gluszek and Mike Iaconelli. For B.U. students, this is an opportunity to probe into the way a winning professional angler thinks, and ask questions about lures, tackle and techniques that win on a professional level. Check out the best boat showsDid you enjoy the Dallas boat show?