Crusader 350 inboards (2)

by Twila
(Simi Valley, Calif )

We bought our 1988 Tiara in 2019. Changed the elbows and risers, water pump on the engine with the problem. Also did a oil change.
We are able to start the boat and run it for 18 miles when we come to idle the voltage light and oil pressure lights flash and the motor dies. We are able to start it back up and it runs again. Once we come back start it up no problem and once driven the 18 miles the light flash and it stalls again.
We did check the temp on the motor which is ok. The water & oil levels are all correct.

We have tried to trouble shoot it and did change the alarm oil sensor. we took out to test it and the same thing. No luck......

We just purchased oil sending unit, temp sending unit and a water temp switch which we have not installed yet.

Any help would be great. We are newbies to the boating and would really appreciate any suggestions you have.

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