Changing motor size.

by Herb
(Gladwin,mi. USA)

Hello all! My undersized engine 3.0 OMC in my 1988 Lund 21ft. Sportcabin went bad. And now I want to put a larger engine in to replace the 3.0 OMC with a 1985 5.0 OMC engine that will give me more power to get me to where I am going to fish quicker. Most of the people that I have talked to say that the 3.0 OMC was too small of a engine for my boat. My question is what all do I have to change to replace my 3.0 OMC withe the 5.0 OMC ? I have been told different items have to be changed like the bell housing, vertical outdrive, and the lower-unit. My boat is already equipped with the blocking for the V/8 engine motor mounts. Thank god. I`m about going crazy because the fish are bitting and I`m confused. Please help me!

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