Canal Boat diesel engine stops !

by Brian
(Mercia Marina)

Hi, My name is Brian. I have a Liverpool Boat (7 year old) with Barrus Shire (1952) engine. My problem....the Engine stops for no apparent good reason ! This problem has ruined a 2 month cruise. An engineer reckoned fuel blockage in tank..... so had a hole cut in top of tank, all fuel pumped out, tank steam-cleaned, dried, fuel filtered back (very little dirt in it, no water) and put in on test..and engine stopped again after several hours. Fuel filter assembly & lift pump subsequently replaced, fuel lines checked and some incorrectly fitted olives replace with "stepped" variety etc etc......and engine stopped again on test. Barrus Shire suggested that an inline 12v fuel pump may solve the problem. They supplied it, and an engineer fitted it...and the engine stopped after 12 hours on test. Fuel flowing at least as far as fuel filter when disconnected. It has now cost £1,400.00 and apparently no nearer to solving the problem. I'm not a very practical person so depend on others who are. I've been told to to look at Stop Solonoid next ! Any suggestions PLEASE ?????

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