Bravo 3 won't shift back to nuetral

by Travis hughes
(Greenville sc)

97 350 mag mercruiser w bravo 3 out drive.

Went out Thursday for a day at the lake. Have owned a boat for 32 yrs. I did everything as usual. After about 3 mins of about 30 mph I noticed smoke from the engine compartment. I eased the throttle back and engine shut down before I could get it back to neutral. Usually 140 degrees but temp was up to about 230. Heard popping and cracking from the engine but smoke was pretty heavy and I couldn't get back there to try to pin point the popping and cracking noise. After sitting about 1 I thought I would try and crank engine. Will not shift to neutral. Had to be towed in. Winterized and serviced every year. All new tune up last year. New raw water pump 2 years ago and I never drank it up without the water muffs and water. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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