boat stopping on the way home

by Naut Acl(u)e
(Bellingha, WAm)

we have a 2003 glastron. Only 215 hours on the Volvo engine. Ran perfectly last season. We winterized it, stored it inside, then refueled this spring.

It started fine in the spring, we drove around for 30-40 minutes then floated for about an hour. When we started up to go home, we drove for about 100 yards and it quit. Would not restart after several attempts and we were forced to get a tow home

initial diagnosis was old fuel had gunked it up, we got a tune up, ran some fuel stabilizer through it and the same thing has happened on two more occasions. Good starting, drive it around, everything seems fine, then it stops after we re-start it and head home.

Kill switch seems stable. We've attached and reattached. Perhaps something in the fuel line or fuel filter? Does the quality or type of fuel cause this behavior? I don't understand why we can start it up the next day, drive it for thirty minutes without a problem but the problem occurs on the return. Anyone??

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