Boat starts and dies

by Harold Dillingham
(Prospect, Ky 40059)

I have a 2002 35 Reggie Fountain Special Edition with Twin 575 efi hp. The starboard engine has about 100 hours on it since the engine was completely gone through and the super chargers sent off and had rebuilt. It starts good but as I start to take off the starboard engine will cough and sputter and die. It is harder to start but does start. It may take 3-5 times before it will take off . I have also noticed the engine will go down Bout 200 rpm and the alternator will fluctuate between 12-24 amps when the rpm changes. Tried everything I know. Had two different Merc Cruiser dealers check it out and no specific diagnosis. I do not want to just let them start putting on new parts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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