Atlantic City Boat Show 2022

The Atlantic City Boat Show is now over and next year, in 2022, Covid 19 permitting, it will be and better than ever so start planning your trip now. The Atlantic City International Power Boat Show will be held next year at the Atlantic City Convention Center in early February.

2022 dates are March 2 to March 6th

This past year the Atlantic City Boat Show had more than 700 all new models of motor and express yachts, sports fisherman, cruisers and sport boats, and up to 65-foot luxury motor yachts on display.

This is the fastest growing indoor power boat show in the USA, and draws some 50,000 visitors, with boaters travelling from up and down the East Coast.

Take the helm of a virtual boat and get a feel for the water without leaving dry land. The boating simulator makes learning fun, with hands-on training for boaters of all skill levels, new boaters can practice basic boat handling, while experienced mariners can attempt more complicated maneuvers as well as navigation, collision avoidance and more! 

Atlantic City Boat Show 

The Atlantic City Boat Show also has a 95,000-square-foot "Marine Marketplace" that features marine-related services by vendors all demonstrating the latest advances in navigational devices, engines and nautical gift items to boaters. Also there are free boating and fishing seminars hosted by The Fisherman magazine. There is simply so much to visit at the Atlantic City Boat Show so many knowledgeable people to talk to and provide practical information and advice. One day is simply not long enough at the Atlantic City Boat Show.

The Annapolis School of Seamanship is offering 2-hour interactive workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings just before show opening time. Attendees will receive in-depth instruction in the subject of their choice as well as many extras.  The Atlantic City Boat Show is for you

Atlantic City Boat Show 

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If you enjoy working on your boat or just want to know what makes your boat tick, DIY is for you! Get a subscription, it will save you a small fortune. More on boat shows. Go to the Atlantic City Boat Show