Alarm driving me to deep end.... need help!!! thanks.....

by Mike
(Merritt Island, Florida)

1995 200 evenrude vro disconected, new waterpump, drained gas tank replaced water pump, from gas tank removed a small shop rag, yes a shoprag from fuel tank pumped all gas /water out. filled with new non ethanol gas mixed took a 20 minute run on thursday at 5700 rpm s ran great sunday took wife out fishing, opened it up to it up to 5700 rpm then alarm sounded and would not stop. Stoped & shut down then started up ran a 3000 rpm no alarm until 4000 rpms.

I have had in shop 3 times spent 1800 so know im doing the work and feel like im up agisns the wall. Why the alarm? Runing great ;ut that alarm is still sounding.


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