Alarm and no water out of pee hole

by Wanda sanchez
(Morrison colorado )

Hi,we have an evenrude 70hp outboard motor on our pontoon. We took it out for a spin around the lake and as we were headed into the no wake the power bogged way down and started running a bit rough.we got it off the lake ok.the next morning backed the boat into the water and tied it to the dock...went to turn the started up a bit rough could feel the vibrations....then this alarm goes off ..turned the boat off and on again..alarm went off again...had a mechanic come and he changed out the impeller and took an air compressor and blew in the intake as well the so called ..pee hole... started it back up again and the alarm still goes off and still no water out of the pee hole....any other suggestions we would be greatful... never had a problem with any of our boats in the past... my email is. thanks for you suggestions

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