Accessory switch panel wiring

by Larry
(La Grange , Ky)

I just bought a new boat that has a switch panel with the following switches- nav/anchor, docking, master power, courtesy, accessory, horn. I would like a wiring diagram for this panel. There are two poles at the top (viewed from behind) of each rocker switch that have continuity continously, irregardless of switch position. I suspect these are for the light and the continuity is reading through the bulb filament and several other poles, depending on the switch. Nav/anchor has an off in the center. They are lighted when powered. Accessory is also this type rocker, three position with an "off" ( not labeled) in the center. Master power is a two position- on/off switch, Horn is a spring loaded momentary switch, spring loaded off. The master power switch looks too light to do the whole duty of powering the boat. I would assume that you would have to somehow jumper each switch off the nav light switch for the switch light to make, thus lighting each switch at night . I am currently feeding the hot battery lead to a fuse bios, the bringing the hot, fused lead to the switch panel and from the various poles on each switch to the utility. This leaves me with what to do with the "master power switch, as it has no function. Does anyone have a schematic for the correct way to use the panel?

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