by Chip
(Cincinnati, OH)

I have a 2005 Sea Ray select. This past weekend I started the boat and traveled through the no wake zone. Once through that zone, I accelerated and the boat started to runs very sluggishly then an alarm sounded. the alarm was constant and the gauge said to reduce RPM and check engine. I reduced RPM and the alarm stopped. I docked the boat and tried to read the manual. I noticed the lower drive reserve seemed low so I filled it. I then repeated the travel through the no wake zone and started to accelerate and the alarm sounded again. I reduced the RPMs and docked it. The next day, I was going to remove it from the lake and take it to a service center but it would not turn over. The boat cranked but would not start.

Have you seen this problem before?

Any idea what the problem might be?

Any idea what the cost of repair might be?

Any help is appreciated.


Chip Goff

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