St Barths Provisioning

St Barths, St Barts, or its full name Saint-Barthélemy is often abbreviated. This lovely island is a small, volcanic island and is one of four islands referred to as the Leeward Islands. This group comprises the French West Indies, Guadeloupe and Martinique. St Barths is an expensive place to stay and visit and is a playground for the rich and famous. It was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma and is in recovery. 

St Barths Provisioning

St Barths was discovered by Chris Columbus in 1493 and it was a French possession, plus some English involvement before ending up in Swedish hands in 1784 and then returned to France a 100 years later. It is said that Jimmy Buffett who has a home there, wrote his song Cheeseburger in Paradise here about an outdoor & indoor bar called Le Select, perhaps it is an urban myth but who cares, as I regularly play my Jimmy Buffett music when cruising, the guy sums it up perfectly. The singer known as The French Elvis, Johnny Halliday is buried here and was a long time resident.

St Barths Supermarkets

AMC Gustavia Supermarket. In a very easy to access location on the Rue de la Republique in Gustavia close to marina.  AMC supermarket is main island chain since 1890.  Good quality produce and good range covering dry stores as well as fresh and frozen for those who have installed freezers. They do offer a yacht service and orders can be placed by phone or email ahead of your arrival and delivery if anchored out. A lot of product sourced out of France, USA, Santo-Domingo and Guadeloupe. They are also selling organic products. Open 0700 to 2000 Mon to Fri and 0700-1900hrs on Saturdays. Contact  Tel: +590 (0)590 275 200.

AMC Lorient. This is a mini market outlet in Lorient and has basic supplies. Open 0700 to 1900 Mon to Sat and 0800 to 1230hrs on Sunday. Contact  Tel: +590 (0)590 278 653.

AMC St-Jean.  This is located near the St. Barth’s airport and has basics supplies and opens on Sunday mornings. Open 0700 to 1900 Mon to Sat and 0800 to 1230hrs on Sunday.    Contact  Tel: +590 (0)590 278 653.

Marche U. Probably the largest supermarket and opposite the airport. They carry a good range of everything from fresh to frozen with competitive pricing.

Tom Foods.  They offer bulk sales of many products. They are located behind the AMC Supermarket.  Opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 0700 to 1430 and Wednesday and Saturday 0700 to 1200hrs. Located on Rue August Nyman in

U Express. Stocks a good range of products. Located in the Centre Commercial de L’Oasis in Quartier de Lorient.

St Barths Fish Markets

Fresh Fish Market.  This is a small fish market. Fresh fish straight off the boats with Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo up for sale. Location is close to the ferry dock and taxi area.

Meat My Fish. A high quality butcher and seafood shop and it is located near L’Orient.

Visit and enjoy St Barths, a welcome break and also a chance to do some yacht provisioning.