98 bayliner maxum alternator belt removal

by Bruce
(Ferris, tx. USA )

I have a General Motors inboard outboard marine 3 L engine that I bought from Michigan motorz ( no typo ) and it is only one year old now.

AM I able to find a water pump pulley that just has room for the alternator belt?
Now, if I'm able to find that part that will eliminate one trap from getting my belt off.
There is a bracket bolted to the front of the motor with four bolts, two on either side and one in the center of the bracket that goes through the top of that bracket and bolts the front of the motor to the front motor mount.
Am I going to turn a simple job of changing an alternator belt into a disaster by having to pull the outdrive to check the engine alignment? Is that screwed up or is that just marine thinking?
The front motor mount is bolted down rock solid.
I can put a mark on the center bolt that Mounts the front of the engine through the bracket that attaches to the motor mount and put a mark that lines up on the nut so when I put the nut back on it will have the same torque as before I took it off when the two marks line up.
I could pull the outdrive first then put the engine alignment tool in through the gimbal bearing and into the splines of the coupling and leave it there when I take the engine mounting bracket off the front of the motor to remove the belt and or replaced with a new one, with the engine supported from underneath. Yes I am going to see if I can use some cable ties and put a couple belts inside that bracket to save me Time down the road in case I have belt problems on
the lake then I will be able to replace it in a snap. We all know the belt will break when you are on the lake. that's just Murphy's Law.

Beginning to sound like theory.
One other problem I have is that I am losing gear oil from my sensor but there is no oil in the bilge no oil slick in the water and no evidence of oil leak on the outdrive when I run the motor on a flush. I only lose gear oil when the outdrive is running so would that have something to do with the shifting in the outdrive?
I am going to have to pull the outdrive to fix that oil leak inside the driveshaft Bellows.
I could check the engine alignment before I take the front mounting bracket off the front of the motor, then when I Torque that nut back down that mounts the front of the motor to the engine mount I could see if anything changes on the engine alignment.
Will I get every seal that I will encounter with a drive shaft bellows repair kit?
What special tools will I need to replace the bellows for the driveshaft?
Any advice I could get on this project would certainly be helpful.
I think I have it figured out but I'm here trying to get some expert advice that will help me along the way doing something like this.
This is my first outdrive boat.
I had the outdrive removed and completely taken apart and the marina was supposed to replace and fix everything that looked like it might go bad. There was nothing ever said about any water intrusion anywhere so I'm assuming that the problem may have been caused by human error or if I gasket was defective why would it have been used? Maybe job security, I hope not

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