93 MARINER 25hp 2 stroke is only going 5PMH at WOT?!?!?

by Mike
(Fox Lake, IL)

93 MARINER 25hp 2 stroke

93 MARINER 25hp 2 stroke

Throttle is wide open, and I'm lucky to get 5.5MPH. My boat was so smooth up to 23MPH last night on my way in.
I have:
Changed prop(had new one anyways, worried hub might be slipping)
Changed both plug wires, and put on 2 new plugs.
I can smell unburned fuel.
I have found a broken plastic cable retainer clip, not sure if it links the 2 throttle cables to piggyback them as the throttle is opened?

1993 Mariner 25HP 2 stroke
Thanks Mike

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