89 Ranger 374V 150hp

by Bram
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

I was headed down the lake like any normal day I was probably only running like 40 not dogging it or anything and all of a sudden it lost a little power. I didn't know why so I just gave it more throttle and it was fine. I thought that maybe I had bumped the throttle up somehow. I was getting back near the boat ramp to fish a cove next to it and I went to slow down and as soon as I backed off the throttle it died. I tried cranking on it for a while and couldn't get it to start. Finally I got it to start but the only way it would fire up is if the throttle was all the way down. I finally got it on the trailer which was a very difficult task because it wouldn't idle. I get it home and the next day I put muffs on it and it runs perfect. It fires right up and runs great. Being so puzzled I didn't know what to do. For good measure I went ahead and threw new spark plugs in it. I checked all cylinders and all 6 were getting great fire. The next weekend I took it back to the lake. Got everything ready and went to crank it and it wouldn't fire. It was doing the same thing as before. The only way it would start was if the throttle was all the way down. Long story short I get it back home and get it fired up and start looking at the motor all over. Then i find something very weird that I personally have never seen before. There are bubbles coming out between the block and the head? I don't know motor terms but I don't know what it is and I'm not very outboard savvy. It's not leaking water or leaking fuel. It's still holding great water psi. And another thing. It never got hot on the lake when it first all happened either. Just extremely puzzled. I have a video of it doing this but it won't let me upload it. Every bit of advise and info is greatly appreciated.

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