87 sea ray twin 4.3 starboard motor cuts out while cruising

by Tom
(Cleveland Ohio )

Started both motors with no problem stopped to get gas then could not get starboard motor to crank so I jumped it at the starter went on my day made a few stops motor cranked every time like the problem never happened on my way back to my marina about a 20 min cruise all of sudden starboard motor started to cut out I stopped it started right back up took off happened again this went on for like 10 min ended up changing my coil had no problems for the next two wk ends. I just took a trip up to the islands took me 1hr 15 min ran great coming home was a different story took off no problem 15 min into the ride starboard motor start cutting out again I was able to cruise at 2000 rpm for about 10 to 15 min it would start cutting out again if I caught it in time I would Pull back the throttles and take off again if I left it the motor would start to surge and cut out ! Does anybody have any ideas ? Thank you Tom

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