87 40hp johnson

by Mark
(Nowthan, MN * USA*)

Lower unit barring? A drive shaft barring went out in a lower unit 40hp 87 johnson I will have to double check I believe it is part #2 on the part look up' It is the middle baring in the drive shaft from the head. The barring was totally destroyed and like melted the race. How it did not destroyed everything in the lower unit is amazing, the pins fell out of the bottom barring when I took it apart but the rest of the barrings I replaced were a little wore (If it was mine I would not have replaced them.Ok my question is that barring really necessary it looks over ingerneard and does not get the oil that needs not to fail. The reason I am asking that destroyed barring came in a box that had this replaces # on it, of course not correct, so I tried a dealer. He told me they quit making that barring in 2017.
Is this jonson way of saying fu buy a new motor or lower unit, or was it determined not necessary because there is a barring 3"away.

I know its a f-ed up question but it will answer my bigger question. The way that barring failed and how good everything else looked it has to a big problem.
If Jonson quit making this barring knowing the problem, my 115 Johnson is gone. Bombardier is amazing in research and development and I love the older Johnson but have not been totally sold on the new.

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