5.0 Mercruiser problems 20' maxum

by Kris Parrott
(Neenah Wis)

I am buying a boat from my father. Last night we took the boat out on the river to give it it's first trial run of the year. The boat started fine and ran for about 20 minits and then just cut out. It seemed to be running on just a couple cylinders before he shut it down completly. After shuting the boat down it would not restart. When I would turn the key it would turn over slowly if at all. We were lucky enough to get a tow to shore from another boater. Upon geting to shore my dad went to go get the trailer and I tried it to start it again. This time the engine turned over more rapidly but still would not start. We loaded the boat on the trailer and took it back to his house. When we got there we tried it again and it started right up without any problem. I am not inept when it comes to mechanics. I know how to turn a wrench quite well. And have been dubed gearhead by friends. I can fix most anything with the right info or if I am pointed in the right direction. I am thinking a starter silinoid might have over heated. Or maybe a problem with the coil or distributor cap. I dont think it is a vapor lock as I can smell gas quite strongly from the vent on the back of the boat. Has anyone out there had this problem or one like it. The boat cut out just as we got it up on plane. I haven't ever owned a boat like this one. Am I on the right path to fix the problem. Would an over heated siliniod cause the boat to shut down. I could tel you the answer on a car or a truck or a motorcycle but this is a boat and my dads at that. head strong and stuborn. Thats all I'll say

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