5.0 l GXI In board 2004 volvo penta

Boat has been in storage for 2 years and now in the water. Engine will start and idle at about 600 rpm for a minute or two and then will stall out. As well when under way the engine will rev to about 1100 and then fall flat and engine will continue to do this. I have changed the fuel filter twice and have added Seafoam to a full tank ( 1/4 of which is old gas and the other 3/4 fresh high test). when I have changed out the filter (twice) the fuel from them appears a bit milky and some residue (ethanol) sitting on the bottom. Checked high and low pressure sides of the pump and fuses are good and pump appears to be working - next I am going to check the pressure of both high and low sides. Does anyone have any suggestions....I am open!

Thank-you, Neil!

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