4.9m markham whaler

by stew

Hi i purchased a 4.9m markham whaler(shark cat) with under floor fuel tanks. On inspection of tanks i noticed water in the hull i lifted the front of the boat up and undone the bungs and left to drain for a week but nothing come out i pushed a bit of dowl up the hole and it felt like it was pushing through the boyance is it possible the boyance has collapsed and blocked up the holes as you can not get to look under the floor.

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Feb 13, 2021
Makham Whaler fuel tank remedy
by: whaler wave breacker

Hello its now 2021 you may have fixed your problem all ready I have owned two 4.9 whalers and both 1988 this ones fuel tanks failed due to age and corrosion to the aluminium over the years from salt water which is normal on deck I removed the timber shelves in the walls , then had new fuel tanks built and shaped the length height and width of that space by a boiler maker out of aluminium 85 litre tanks you have tank 1300 long 260 wide and 460 high with all the fittings even a hole to put a fuel gauge in so I rerouted the fuel filling line to the new tank and breather go to your local boat shop buy two tins of expansion foam with the right amount mixed together and pour into your old tanks you will fined not only that the old tanks are now new buoyancy the expansion will continue and push through your holes into the hull giving you whaler new buoyancy life and no more water getting in cheers enjoy Mick .

Oct 23, 2009
water in hull
by: fisher

my 4.9 seems tobe getting water in starboard fuel tank. no access to it. not sure wot to do yet to retrofy. at the moment i/m running a water/fuel filter. any other suggestions?

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