45 HP 4 CYL Mercury Serial # 0C132444 leaky top carb

by Houston

I am posting here because I don't know where else to turn. I have a Mercury outboard serial # 0C132444 with a leaky top carburetor. My problem is that I am unable to remove the carburetor because the nuts that are holding the carb in place do not budge. The nut is beginning to round off. I suspect that some thread seal may have been used to bolt the carb in place. I've never had such trouble with even getting at a carburetor. Any suggestions as to what I should do going forward with removing these stubborns nuts?

I've heard that a heat gun will loosen the thread seal. I'm thinking a torch would be more precise. I do not currently own a torch and would like some feedback and suggestions before I run out and spend my money on one. I'm am very frustrated with the situation, I am certain that if I could just get the carburetor off I will be able to fix my leaking problem.

Thank you in advance.


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Jul 16, 2014
Leaky top Carb
by: Anonymous

You can bet the mechanic will try to put some heat on it from a propane torch. Makes good sense.
Sounds like someone may have tried to reuse an old gasket and try to over tighten the nut to seal the leak that was occurring.
I bought a used boat and had trouble with the read box because someone used an old gasket and it leaked. The motor would start all day out of water on the hose but back the motor just far enough into the water where the water pump could pick up some water and the boat would never start.
Amazing how people will try anything to save a few dollars

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